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Summaries of PEER Reports

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Summaries of PEER Reports


The Joint Legislative Committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review (PEER) is comprised of seven members of the Senate and seven members of the House of Representatives. Created in 1973, PEER reviews state agency programs and operations and makes recommendations to improve Mississippi government. PEER reports include performance evaluations, investigations, and expenditure reviews. Each year the committee publishes a compilation of summaries of PEER reports issued to date. The Department of Archives and History has electronic (PDF) "Summaries of PEER Reports" from 1997.

Compilations prior to 2004 include summaries for PEER Committee reports issued from July 1973 through the year of publication. The 2004 compilation consists of two parts: 467 vol. I contains summaries for July 1973-December 1999 and 467 vol. II contains summaries for January 2000-September 2004. Thereafter, compilations include summaries for reports issued from January 2000 through the year of publication.

MDAH Online Catalog record for the Summaries of PEER Reports